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Julie Norris


Julie has over 24 years of professional experience in sales of Electrotherapy, Durable Medical Goods and Prescription Benefits Management at M. Joseph Medical. In January of 2014, Ms. Norris succeeded Michael J. Bartlett as Chief Executive Officer and owner of M. Joseph Medical, LLC. In her role as CEO, she has developed a unified team that has provided steady growth of the company. Julie holds M. Joseph Medical’s reputation in the highest regards; providing the best products with competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Her passion is to continue to cultivate prosperous relationships and exceed personal and professional goals.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Louisville. Julie has been involved in the National Association of Women Business Owners, Greater Louisville, Inc. and Women Leaders in Insurance. She is also a member of the Mississippi Self-Insurers, South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Educational Association, Kentucky Self-Insurers Association, Virginia Self-Insurers Association and other regional chapters of the Risk Insurance Management Society.
Julie is an active member in her church community, wife of Matt and mother of two young girls.

Mary Smith

Director of Pharmacy Services & DME Billing

Mary is Director of Pharmacy Services & DME Billing for M. Joseph Medical. Mary joined M. Joseph Medical in 2004 and has over 17 years of experience in the workers’ compensation industry. She plays an integral part of the company, overseeing the pharmacy services and DME billing departments, while focusing on cost containment. She works closely with the client service department and other internal departments to expand operational efficiencies within the organization. Mary is also responsible for maintaining and developing client relations for all pharmacy service needs.

Katie Lee

Director of Account Management

Katie is responsible for managing client relationships for pharmacy and ancillary services. She is very involved in new business development and marketing opportunities throughout the workers’ compensation industry. Katie’s experience and attention to detail add value to our trusted partnerships and ensure an effective delivery of cost containment solutions. Katie oversees implementation of new client accounts, promotes ongoing process improvement, and manages the sales team.

Prior to joining M. Joseph in 2007, Katie was a Sales Leader and Manager at BB&T. Katie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from The University of Kentucky. She is an active member of Kentucky Self-Insurers Association, West Virginia Self-Insurers Association, Indiana Workers’ Compensation Institute, Tennessee Self-Insurers Association, regional RIMS chapters and Medical Seminar Committee Member of the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Association.

Kimberley Sparks

Controller & Human Resources Director

Kimberley is the Financial Controller of M. Joseph Medical and manages the Human Resources Department for M. Joseph Medical and M. Joseph Respiratory. Since joining M. Joseph Medical in 2006, Kimberley’s 15 years of past banking management experience has been a valued asset to the company’s organizational structure and stability. Kimberley continuously promotes a positive culture for M. Joseph Medical employees, which leads to a successful client experience.

Kimberley holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Spalding University.

Russell Williams

Senior Account Executive & Ancillary Services Supervisor

Russell came to M. Joseph Medical in 2009 after completing his undergraduate degrees at the University of Kentucky serving in a customer service role for the Pharmacy and Ancillary Departments. He implemented M. Joseph Medical’s streamlined national Transportation & Translation program in 2011 and later modified its proprietary use to maximize cost-containment. In 2013, while obtaining his Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Louisville, Russell transitioned to work in operational support between internal departments, vendor network(s), and accounting to address efficiencies in workflows and billing practices. He practiced Speech Language Pathology for several years until 2018, when he returned to M. Joseph Medical to support sales growth and lead the Ancillary and Respiratory departments.

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